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Ongoing IADLEST Projects

Driver Training Reference Guide 
The IADLEST National Law Enforcement Driver Training Guide is the most current and complete training resource for law enforcement driver training in the nation. Widely recognized as the state of the art in law enforcement driver training, the Guide and its periodic updates are available to all IADLEST member states. The most recent update includes revisions to the legal block of instruction, student performance exercises and other improvements.

IADLEST Sourcebook 

IADLEST actively coordinates the collection and dissemination of summary criminal justice data that its members accumulate. The most important aspect of this project is the publication of the Sourcebook of Standards and Training Information in the United States. The Sourcebook provides descriptive and statistical information regarding state law enforcement training and standards, as well as reports regarding special studies.

Model Minimum State Standards 

As a national association of training managers, IADLEST feels a responsibility to “set a floor” on officer professionalism. Accordingly, it recommends model minimum state standards in the following areas:
  • Entry level standards
  • Basic training
  • In-service requirements
  • Discipline and decertification
  • Curriculum issues for criminal justice officers
The current minimum standards are available on the IADLEST web site at

Reciprocity Handbook 
The IADLEST Reciprocity Handbook consolidates police officer employment requirements gathered from all 50 state peace officer standards and training organizations (POST Agencies) and the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs. The 53 page Handbook includes an updatable 3-ring binder and contains:
  • Reciprocity provisions of states for officers who received training elsewhere
  • Addresses and phone numbers in all 50 states
  • Minimum basic training hours for each state
The IADLEST Reciprocity Handbook is an essential resource for academy directors, personnel managers, counselors and students, as well as experienced police officers considering new employment in another state. For additional information, go to

POST-Net Web Site 

IADLEST has established this Internet Web presence for both members and the public safety community in general. Organization information includes membership requirements, bylaws, model minimum standards and a membership directory. A directory of participating agencies includes links to individual P.O.S.T. organizations representing a significant resource for today’s police training professional.

Membership Intranet 
Available to Association members only, the intranet service provides online access to both the Sourcebook and Reciprocity Handbook, a members' telephone and email directory, an online curriculum library, a members' listserv and discussion board as well as a specialized search service and POST employment bulletin board.

National Decertification Index 
IADLEST has led the first successful effort to nationally consolidate and share information regarding the dismissal for cause of police officers. The index currently contains over 16,946 records from 36 states.

The system has a familiar web interface, allowing authorized users to add, modify or delete record information. The pointer record database may be searched by name or date of birth. Query results may additionally include employing agency, entry in service date, end of service date, year of decertification action, reporting agency and reporting agency telephone number.

The NDI can be accessed at

With the support of the National Institute of Justice, IADLEST has established the first national network linking all U.S. law enforcement training entities as well as appropriate federal agencies. The online National Law Enforcement Academy Resource Network serves as a nationwide information clearinghouse and forum. Included are model lesson plans, training news and features, training opportunities, assessment and testing strategies and a forum for inter-Academy query and discussion and the sharing of best practices and product reviews.

Additional information oregarding the IADLEST NLEARN initiative is available at

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