International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training

POST/Academy Accreditation



 ·        To affirm that your academy is adhering to the highest international standards with regard to police standards   and training

·        To assure your academy is adhering to national and agency requirements, policies, and practices as they relate to standards and training

·        To provide defensibility of your academy’s standards and training by utilizing an assessment conducted by an objective second party who is recognized as a leader in these areas

·        To assure your academy’s curricula and lesson plans are targeted toward meeting the needs of officers by validating the method utilized for developing that training

·        To assist with improving documentation and recordkeeping

·        To receive guidance and collaboration with addressing issues and achieving best practices in identified areas

Ultimately, the biggest beneficiaries of having an accredited police academy are the officers themselves and the communities they serve.  The officer benefits by receiving quality, targeted training that prepares the officer to be successful in the officer’s career and in the community.  The community benefits by being assured its officers have been trained to the highest levels with training that utilizes model practices and standards and has been developed with community expectations and the police mission as the foundation.   

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