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The IADLEST Partner Advisory Committee (IPAC) is comprised of organizations that currently provide services to Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers and their organizations. Members of the IPAC will help ensure training and standards meet the needs of the Public Safety industry, will help to promote the adoption of best practices, and will provide IADLEST with perspectives and recommendations regarding selected IADLEST projects and initiatives.



Mission Statement


The IADLEST Partner Advisory Committee is committed to the promotion, adoption and support of IADLEST in transforming policing by pursuing excellence in training and programs and in the development of professional standards.




IADLEST Partner Advisory Committee Objectives


  • The PAC will provide advice, guidance, recommendations, and technical assistance to the IADLEST Executive Committee.

  • The PAC shall work to advance the quality and adoption of professional standards.

  • The PAC will also offer support and recommendations and assist IADLEST with attaining the annual funding objectives to ensure the viability and continuity of IADLEST for the benefit of the Public Safety Community.


IADLEST Partner Advisory Committee Members


Participation in the IPAC indicates a serious commitment to support the missions of both IADLEST and the IPAC. The following commitment levels are expected by organizational members:


  • An initial two-year participation commitment is desired for continuity.

  • The ability to travel at least two times per year for meetings, usually held in conjunction with the IADLEST Conference and one of the IADLEST business meetings.

  • Multiple persons from a Partner organization may participate on the IPAC, but each organization is restricted to one vote on the Partner Advisory Committee.

  • Commitment includes meeting all due dates for obligations and deliverables, as established by the IPAC.

  • IPAC members must be Corporate members of IADLEST in good standing.

Any organization that currently supports IADLEST and is a current Corporate member of IADLEST may request to join the Partner Advisory Committee. Such request shall be made in writing to the IADLEST Executive Director and name the individual that will be representing the organization on the IPAC. All requests for membership shall be approved by the IADLEST Executive Committee. At present, there is no maximum membership threshold for the Partner Advisory Committee, but the composition of the membership will be assessed annually by the Executive Committee.





The IADLEST Partner Advisory Committee will hold regular meetings on a schedule determined by the IPAC. A combined meeting of the IPAC and the Executive Committee shall be held at least once annually. All IPAC members are expected to attend or be represented.

The purpose of the IPAC discussions are to advance the quality and adoption of professional standards and programs. Meetings are designed to be focused on advancing IADLEST’s mission, strategic plan, and programs, and to address these on a high level. Realizing that most IPAC members may also be vendors, no discussion of proprietary information or intellectual property will occur, unless it is offered by the vendor who possesses it.




The Partner Advisory Committee will be tasked with appointing a chairperson, a co-chairperson, and a secretary from within its membership. The chairperson will set the agenda for meetings, lead IPAC discussions, strive to meet the objectives of the group, and communicate with the IADLEST Executive Committee. The IADLEST Executive Committee will appoint an advisory liaison to consult with the IPAC, who will also be the communication conduit between the Executive Committee and the IPAC.



Membership Benefits


  • The IPAC will have the ability and opportunity to provide the IADLEST Executive Committee with direct advice, guidance recommendations, and technical assistance.

  • Announcement of IPAC membership will be made to IADLEST general membership and placement of IPAC member’s logo with a live link to the member’s website will be placed on IADLEST website.

  • Promotion of IPAC member programs

  • Provide a forum in which issues of vendor interest are discussed

  • Provide two opportunities for the IPAC member to send a dedicated e-blast to IADLEST membership by and through IADLEST that announces offerings by the IPAC member or information of unique interest or importance to IADLEST membership. E-blasts would be submitted to IADLEST for forwarding to their membership and would not come directly from the IPAC member. Content of the e-blast is subject to review and approval of IADLEST.


For additional information contact:


Mike Becar, Executive Director

Email: mikebecar@iadlest.org

Phone: (208) 288-5491