Texas Department of Transportation  

IADLEST and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) have established a one of kind partnership that began in October 2015 with the Texas Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS) project. Beginning October 2018, the Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Training Project began and will run concurrently with the ongoing DDACTS project in Texas. This unique collaborative endeavor is designed to provide law enforcement officials with a holistic approach to assist TxDOT with its on-going efforts to increase public safety by reducing crashes and other social harms throughout the state. IADLEST is proud to be able to continue to work with law enforcement across Texas in 2022.


Texas-Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety Program:

This program is a multi-faceted program that provides agencies and its members with variety of on-site and remote analytical/technical assistance and training and is geared to the specific needs of a given agency and its personnel, regardless of its current capacities at no cost to the agency. For more information of this program please go to: Texas-DDACTS Project.


For a quick overview of DDACTS see our flyers on:

Data-Driver Strategies: Increasing Public Safety

Building Analytical Capacity


Texas- Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Training Program:

This program is presented at no cost to the participants or the agency and is intended to re-emphasize the need to have all sworn officers to engage large trucks and buses safely and effectively in order to reduce the rate of crash injuries and fatalities for which Texas leads the nation. For more information on this training please go to: Texas- Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Training Project.


You can also contact the Project Manager, Daniel A. Howard at:  DanHoward@iadlest.org