Training Initiatives

Motorcycle Safety & Enforcement Program

This training program was developed by IADLEST in conjunction with NHTSA specifically for law enforcement officers.

We offer a link to a short 6-minute video that discusses the reasons and need for the training program developed by NHTSA and IADLEST.

Summary: A NHTSA/DOT program for law enforcement training for issues on motorcycle safety including motorist and public education, and enforcement. John Coyle, Law Enforcement Liaison for NHTSA, and Peter Miller, Police Chief/Ret. and IADLEST Instructor, talk about the disturbing statistics surrounding motorcyclist fatalities and how this program can help reduce this alarming trend.

We recently completed a video on the new NHTSA-IADLEST Motorcycle Safety and Enforcement program for Law Enforcement. The video has been customized for Pennsylvania and New Jersey and is posted on a YouTube channel with an ‘unlisted’ setting. The video is currently not available under a public search, but users with the following URLs will be able to access the 6-minute video.


New Jersey:

If you would like information about bringing this training to your department, contact Mike Becar, IADLEST Executive Director at

Partnering for America

The law enforcement officer has a critical role to play in protecting national security.  This 20-minute video produced by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in conjuction with IADLEST examines that role and reinforces for the patrol officer the importance of vigilence and the importance reporting.

The partnership between the local police officer and his/her Federal conterparts is vital to our overall security.

View the presentation:  Partnering for America

IADLEST Pursuit Training

By Mike Becar, Project Manager

We need your assistance in helping us schedule four-hour pursuit policy workshop training in your state. Our IADLEST grant, in partnership with ALERT (Association of Law Enforcement Emergency Response Trainers), is tasked with scheduling 150 workshops throughout the United States, and your help is needed.

See details in the Police Pursuit Training document. 

Even more information and the workshop schedules can be found here:

Police Pursuit Policy Website