About Our Services

IADLEST offers additional services built to enhance and improve the framework of the training programs essential to the success of our nation’s law enforcement community.

These services include providing critical post-evaluation feedback and improvement recommendations to training providers as part of our Accreditation Service, sharing best practices via our Model Standards Service, or narrowly focusing on, as a means to improving, a specific training element via our Auditing Service.

In 2018, IADLEST launched the IADLEST Nationally Certified Instructor Program (INCI) to recognize and acknowledge the Nation’s FINEST instructors. 

Other services include:


IADLEST is also an active member of CRI-TAC, the Collaborative Reform Initiative Technical Assistance Center, providing training and expertise on a wide range of critical law enforcement topics.  This expertise and training is provided at no cost to the requesting agency.

No matter the need, IADLEST stands ready to support the training operations of our nation’s law enforcement professionals.