IADLEST offers a series of NO COST webinars to help you improve your teaching techniques

Becoming a Creative and Effective Instructional Designer


These webinars will be interactive, promoting enhanced professional development opportunities for established advanced officer training and basic academy instructors.

In attending the webinars law enforcement instructors and curriculum designers can benefit from shared ideas while at the same time saving valuable training budgets.

The live webinars will start at 9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST and will run for approximately one hour.

Recordings of the completed webinar will be available by using the same Registration link.


Date 2020/21 Topic Sponsor** More Detail

Registration / Archive

August 27th Designing Innovative Learning Activities Lexipol Flyer Registration
September 24th Incorporating National Standards into Curriculum Design VirTra Flyer Registration
October 29th Designing Evaluation Tools (Rubrics) IADLEST Flyer Registration
November 19th Conducting Simple Job Task Analysis Force Concepts Flyer Registration
January 28th Using Case Studies IADLEST Flyer Registration
February 15th Designing Scenario-Based Practical Exercises In The Line of Duty Flyer Registration
March 25th Using Empathy in Curriculum Design TBA TBA Registration
April 22nd Developing Objectives that will BLOOM in Your Lesson Plans TBA TBA Registration

** Sponsorships are still available.  If your organization would like to sponsor one of our webinars, see our flyer for more details and contact information:  Webinar Sponsorship Opportunities

About the presenters:

Captain Jim Gordon recently retired from the Stanislaus County, CA, Sheriff’s Office where he served for several years as the Academy Director. He has extensive expertise in the instructor development arena, having served as a member of California POST Instructor Development Team, travelling the state teaching hundreds of new academy instructors. He has a graduate degree in adult education, and attended Stanford University’s prestigious Design Thinking School, where the world’s top innovators learn design thinking and creativity in developing new products and services.

Sgt. Casey Hill is Stanislaus county's current academy coordinator and has been instrumental in designing scenario-based curriculum on the ground level.  Sgt. Hill has unique insight into high level of student performance ans a result of innovative learning activities.

Peggy Schaefer oversees IADLEST’s National Certification Program, ensuring that criminal justice training content and delivery methods comply with nationally accepted standards. Peggy developed and launched IADLEST’s National Instructor Certification to recognize excellence in instructional design and delivery.  Peggy served as the Director of the North Carolina Justice Academy, leading the curriculum development and delivery of training to over 85,000 law enforcement officers, and earlier in her career served as a county deputy sheriff and police officer.