Why Law Enforcement Needs to take a Science-Based Approach to Training and Education

Your Digital Guide to the Research and Methods to Use




Law enforcement has experienced significant challenges in 2020.

Recent events have sparked a nationwide discussion on the role law enforcement plays in society. As such, our communities are demanding and deserve highly trained law enforcement personnel equipped with the decision-making skills required to handle the increasingly complex calls for service that officers face nationwide.

This can only be accomplished by evaluating current police training methods against what science has proven to be effective. To this end, IADLEST and its Partner Advisory Committee (IPAC) have created a digital report as a reference guide for chiefs, sheriffs, mayors, risk managers, Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Directors, training academy directors and all those who have an investment in police training and education.

Use this tool to transform the quality of your law enforcement training and education in ways that will contribute to lasting progress.



Topics Covered in this Digital Report Include:

How Evidence-Based Training Developed and Evolved
Read about the necessary actions, barriers and transitioning a department to one of evidence-based training.

How the Science of Human Performance Can Accelerate Skills Development
Learn how humans acquire and retain skills, and keeping effectiveness the highest priority.

Sustaining a Science-Based Approach to Law Enforcement Training and Education
Read about the importance of investing in analytics, partnering with researchers and how to prevent learning decay.

Enhancing Hands-On Training with Online Learning
Discover the four basic principles of learning and retention to increase performance in the field.

Measuring What Matters: The Outcomes and Impact of Science-Based Training
Learn how to map performance goals to departmental and governmental needs to reveal areas needing more refinement.


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A special thanks to the IPAC members for their expertise and contributions to this digital report:




About IPAC:

The IADLEST Partner Advisory Committee (IPAC) supports the IADLEST mission by providing research and proven best practices for high quality training and education.  IPAC seeks to advance the public safety profession with a vision of outcomes-based police training and standards.  To learn more visit HERE.