Crime Analysis Webinar


The International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) provides a series of free live interactive 1.5-hour online workshops in which agency teams of executives, commanders and analysts create customized action plans to address specific crime analysis challenges within their departments. The webinars assist top commanders and their teams in identifying how to support actionable analysis within their own departments and use that analysis to drive operations. The topic areas are consistent with the IADLEST Intensive 2-Day Workshops.



Webinars cover the following topics:


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Understanding Hot Spot Mapping for Police Executives

Getting the Most Out of Crime Analysis

Crime Analysis Tactics, Strategies, and Special Operations

Improving Data Quality for Crime Analysis

Strategic Crime Analysis: Reducing Hot Spots & Solving Problems

Tactical Crime Analysis: Stopping Emerging Patterns of Crime

Using Analysis to Support an Effective CompStat Process

People, Places Patterns and Problems: A Foundation for Crime Analysis

Tasking the Collection and Analysis of Intelligence to Inform Decision Making

12 Questions Executives Should Ask About Their Crime Analysis Capabilities

7 Key Tips on Effectively Implementing Crime Analysis in Your Department

Crime Analysis for Organized Retail Theft

Professional Development in Crime Analysis

Antelope Valley Crime Fighting Initiative: A Case Study

The 4P Approach:  A Foundation for Crime Analysis and Proactive Policing

Three Critical Steps for Law Enforcement Analysts to Create a Road Map to Success

Improving Metrics in Police Agencies

Using Analysis to Support Gang Enforcement

Finding the Right Analyst for the Job

The Benefits of Direct Data Access