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The purpose of the National Decertification Index (NDI) is to serve as a national registry of certificate or license revocation actions relating to officer misconduct. The records contained in the NDI are provided by participating state government agencies and should be verified with the contributing authority. Inclusion in the database does not necessarily preclude any individual from appointment as an officer.


For additional information about the NDI, contact Mike Becar, Executive Director.

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NDI Podcast

The Executive Director of IADLEST shares information on the NDI.  He discusses what information is  included, who is entering records, who has access and how the system works.  (14 minutes)

How the NDI Works


The NDI currently contains 54382 actions reported by 49 certifying agencies.

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Integrity Bulletins


Several states make the outcomes of police officer investigations a matter of public record.  In some cases these reports may provide you with additional information about actions recorded in the NDI database.


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