Curriculum Development and Job Task Analysis Offered


IADLEST has brought together a group of experienced subject matter experts and we now offer Curriculum Development with a Job Task Analysis.  We offer an entire entry-level academy curriculum, multiple in-service topics, or a single lesson.  The  process can be tailored to your agency, but below is the general process.


  1. Phase I: Needs Assessment / JTA Data Collection: IADLEST gathers respondent data from the individual agency, region, or an entire state. Surveys are distributed electronically to identify specific job tasks by assignment, frequency, and criticality.


  1. Phase II: Curriculum Development: IADLEST will use data collected during Phase I to develop learning objectives and uniform lessons using adult learning best practices and NCP standards. All lesson deliverables will include a separate instructor and student manuscript for each topic, static visual aids, and testing instruments (written or skill-based). Phase II will be a collaborative process with as many stakeholders as possible.


  1. Phase III: Piloting: IADLEST will provide train-the-trainer sessions and on-site technical support to pilot the new curriculum. Piloting is used evaluate curriculum efficacy, logistics, and make any needed revisions before full implantation. Piloting also includes test instrument validation through data analysis.


IADLEST also offers a continued “maintenance” service for all topics developed.  This would include annual literature reviews, updating materials, version control, archiving and making enhancements.

Email Contact:  Mike Becar


Curriculum Development and JTA Flyer