Texas - Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Training Project


Large trucks and buses have been wreaking havoc on Texas highways for many years. In fact, Texas consistently leads the nation in large truck fatalities and has one of the highest rates of bus fatalities each year. IADLEST and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) have formed a unique partnership in an effort to reverse this destructive trend across Texas. TxDOT is making the Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Training Program available to law enforcement personnel throughout the state beginning October 2018.

TxDOT has brought a Texas centric approach of a successful strategy to train and encourage non-CMV certified officers, to include local and county law enforcement members, to actively enforce common operator violations, i.e., speeding, disregard of a traffic signal, etc., committed by the drivers of trucks and buses, thereby reducing crashes and fatalities. The 2-hour Texas-Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Training workshop is presented at no cost to the participants or the agency and is intended to re-emphasize the need for all sworn officers to engage large trucks and buses safely and effectively in order to reduce the rate of crash injuries and fatalities for which Texas leads the nation. Additionally, all attendees will receive TCOLE credit for attending.

The current schedule of workshops and registration for those workshops can be found here:  Texas Truck and Bus Enforcement Workshops

If a Texas law enforcement official would like to attend a training workshop; an agency would like to host a 2-hour Basic Workshop; or just to obtain more information on this program please contact the Texas- Truck & Bus Project Manager, Daniel A. Howard at danhoward@iadlest.org.