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Call for 2023 IADLEST Conference Speakers

IADLEST is committed to transforming policing by pursuing excellence in training and the development of professional standards; and each year, the annual conference showcases this commitment by focusing on the most pressing issues for training managers and executives. The IADLEST Conference will challenge delegates by examining emerging concepts and methods and providing access to:

  1. New ideas and approaches to law enforcement standards and training
  2. Both leading edge and topical presentations
  3. Opportunities to connect with key individuals and organizations across the law enforcement standards and training segment

Presentation Topics

The 2023 Conference will be held in Denver, CO May 14-17, 2023, at the Hilton Denver City Center Hotel, and will give you an opportunity to share your knowledge with peers. IADLEST is looking for approximately 10-12 professionals to present on a topic related to one of the following. The membership is asking for more "hands on" type training, especially from other IADLEST members:

  • Recruitment and retention
  • Effective curriculum development
  • New developments in certification & decertification
  • Leadership for recruit officers
  • Test writing
  • Effective adult learning techniques
  • Instructor development – beyond the basics
  • How to develop and write scenarios
  • Development of training policies & strategies
  • Design of interactive and effective online training
  • Officer safety & wellness training for departments
  • Training understaffed agencies
  • Hate crimes
  • Culture shift in LE
  • Changes in training
  • Objective writing
  • Testing standards
  • How to connect with students better. Modern day practices
  • Use of Force
  • Measuring the effectiveness of training

Submission Process

Submission Deadline: September 9, 2022

Two submission options:

  1. An online form is available:, which can be filled out and submitted. Bios or resumes may be uploaded and submitted with the online form.
  2. A fillable PDF form is also available. That form can be filled out and printed. Bios and resumes may be mailed or emailed with the form. The printed version can be mailed to:

152 S Kestrel Pl., Ste. 102
Eagle, ID 83616

A printed version can also be scanned and emailed to:

You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 72 hours of receiving the completed form.

Review Process

All speaker proposals will be carefully reviewed by the IADLEST Training & Standards Committee for their applicability to the IADLEST conference attendees. Presenter selections will also be based on the following criteria:

  1. Clear statement of solutions to common challenges in the industry
  2. Extent to which attendees would benefit from your presentation
  3. Original work of the author/presenter
  4. Speaker's topic expertise and knowledge
  5. Speakers presentation experience and skill level

Speakers must commit, as part of their IADLEST speaker agreement, to maintain an educational focus for their session and to eliminate all sales messages or presentations. Sessions that incorporate a sales theme or message and/or receive low ratings will not be selected to serve at future conferences.

The selection of presenters will be announced, via e-mail mid-November. Selected presenters must sign a presentation commitment letter by December 12, 2022.


Speaker (1 per presentation) will receive 1 night of lodging at the conference host hotel and will be provided complimentary lunch during the day of the presentation.

Speaker (1 per presentation) will be offered a discounted registration fee to attend the entire conference if desired.

Travel expenses, IADLEST conference registration fees (optional attendance), and other expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the presenter.


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