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The IADLEST National Certified Program (NCP) Presented at GSX 2019 LIVE from Chicago!

Peggy Schaefer recently attended the Global Security Exchange (GSX) conference in Chicago, Illinois on Sept 10, 2019.  With over 24,000 in attendance, this is one of the largest gatherings of private and government security professionals in the world.  Peggy had the opportunity to broadcast the value of IADLEST's National Certification Program to the members of ASIS by being on the platform with Chuck Harold, the "Security Guy" with live media streaming from the conference.  There is only ONE NCP certified course from this security group: RL Oatman and Associates' 24 - hour "Dignitary and Executive Protection Program". We anticipate receiving more courses from ASIS members in the future as they train many law enforcement professionals at the local and federal levels.


For more information about the conference and to see more streaming activities, click  

Learn more about Global Security Exchange (GSX)

Learn more about ASIS International (American Society of Industrial Security)

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