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June 2020 Press Release Re: National Decertification Index

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Press Release

The International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST®) supports the ongoing efforts to enhance the policing profession. The public’s reasonable expectation of exemplary police conduct and service underpins the building of genuine police and community trust. It also drives the work of IADLEST.
IADLEST’s mission is to support the innovative development of professional standards in public safety through research, development, collaboration, and sharing of information and to assist states and international partners with establishing effective and defensible standards for the employment and training of public safety personnel. Our membership is comprised of key leaders in law enforcement training, including the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Directors of every state in the U.S., as well as state and local training academy directors. As a nonprofit association, IADLEST has 50 years of experience with developing model training standards and policies, certifying training courses using the most rigorous review standards, and accrediting and recognizing commendable police academies. In addition, IADLEST is the only organization well-positioned to establish criteria and a program for accrediting peace officer standards and training (POST) agencies with research-based, best-practices criteria.

A national police officer decertification database is a significant component to not only the restoration of public confidence in police organizations, but aids law enforcement agencies in making informed hiring decisions. IADLEST’s commitment to preventing unqualified police officers from holding critical positions of public trust led IADLEST to develop the National Decertification Index (NDI) over 20 years ago. The NDI serves as a national registry of certificate or license revocations relating to police officer misconduct. The records contained in the NDI are provided by participating state government agencies. The NDI currently contains 28,420 actions reported by 45 certifying state agencies.

With the strength and collective knowledge and expertise of our 50 State law enforcement certifying POSTs behind us, IADLEST stands ready to assist and advise national policymakers, police leaders and the communities they serve, and our IADLEST members.

Mike Becar, Executive Director


Download a copy of this press release:    June 2020 Press Release - NDI

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