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Dubai COVID-19 Worldwide Conference

The structure of the presentations would address:

1) Initial Response: Challenges & Lessons Learned;

2) Policing Lockdown (Current Situation): Easing the lockdown and Challenges related to the new phase (easing of the lockdown) and what are the expectations;

3) Future Horizon (New Norm)—Scenarios: Prolonged new norm/ model; Possible disappearance of the Virus (SARS-CoV2) by October 2020; and New Wave of the COVID-19 Virus

On July 1, 2020, Executive Director Becar participated in the Zoom conference. Brigadier General Dr.  Ali  Singel,  Dubai Police(Moderator); and  as  well  as  other  presentations  by Major  General Abdullah Al Ghaithiof, Dubai Police; Major Geradia Corona of the Italian Carabinieri (Police); Mr. Paul Griffiths, British Police; and Dr. Rick Muir, of the Police Foundation (England).

You can view a recording of the full webinar here:  Global Police Response to COVID-19


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