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President's Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice

We provide you with links to the verbal and the written testimony presented to the President’s Commission on both occasions.

Erik Bourgerie is the Director of the Colorado POST, and 2nd Vice President of IADLEST.

He made the following recommendations to the Commission:

    Creation of National Guidance for the use of Evidence Based Training for LE

    National Grant to Academies to Implement these Learning Concepts

    A Scientific Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of these Learning Concepts

Erik Bourgerie: Verbal Testimony

Erik Bourgerie: Written Testimony

Timothy Bourgeois is the Director of the Michigan POST, and a member of IADLEST.

He made the following recommendations to the Commission:

    Federal Support for the Development of National Standards for Officer Training and Certification

    Federal Support for National Basic Standards for LE Agencies and POST Agencies

Timothy Bourgeois: Verbal Testimony

Timothy Bourgeois: Written Testimony

Dean Register is the Director of the Florida POST, and a member of IADLEST

He spoke to the need for law enforcement agencies to attain accreditation by an independent third-party.

He described the accreditation standards and procedures used in Florida, as a model for possible national standards.

Dean Register: Written Testimony


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