Public Safety Training Center Manager (HERO Center)

Job Summary

This is a supervisory position of exempt classification responsible for the operation and management of the HERO Center. The position is responsible for planning, directing, supervising and coordinating the activities at the HERO Center to ensure safe, efficient, and dependable training services to public safety users and citizens. Assures excellence in all customer service functions. Responsible for aggressively selling facility spaces in accordance to revenue and pricing standards.

General direction and supervision is received from the HERO Center Facility Operations Committee (FOC), or their designee, through consultation, review of reports and recommendations, and an evaluation of work accomplished.

Adheres to the established HERO Center Business and Operations Plan to achieve financial stability.

Essential Job Functions


  1. Assist the FOC in a yearly review of the operations and business plans to insure financial goals are achieved.
  2. Develop, maintain, and implement a detailed annual budget including revenues, expenditures, and capital improvements for the HERO Center operations.
  3. Work with the Finance Departments on the production of accurate and timely financial reports.  Provide statistical and financial reports to City officials, Commissions, and Councils as directed by the FOC.
  4. Establish and maintain cash/payment control practices and systems for all rentals and any other fees to insure integrity and security of deposits.
  5. Recommend short and long-range business plans for volume, rate and fund development projections.
  1. Provide statistical data on operations and recommend strategies for maximizing facility utilization.
  2. Assist in the development and implementation of the comprehensive strategic plan for future operations.
  3. Establish and maintain effective internal controls for inventory, and all other relatable matters
  4. Coordinate contract compliance for the HERO Center, including preparation of contracts/bids, bid specifications, and compliance. Recommendation to FOC on the award of contracts.
  5. Provide administrative support, direction, and planning for the HERO Center.
  6. Seek and implement new procedures and technology to ensure use of the most effective and economical techniques and procedures.
  7. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with elected officials, City employees and the public.
  8. Provide high level of customer service for all facets of City services.
  9. Develop, implement and supervise programs as directed by the FOC
  10. Responsible for the purchase of all equipment and materials needed in the area of assignment.
  11. Attend and participate in meetings affecting area of assignment.
  12. Provide direction for the planning an implementation of programs at the HERO Center.
  13. Work closely with allied public safety departments and others that might contribute to the facility's function.
  14. Maintain and foster an environment, which facilitates the philosophy of the HERO Center.
  15. Perform all other necessary duties as apparent or assigned.
  1. Assist in the recruitment and hiring selection of all Range Safety Staff, and Front Desk/Scheduling Specialists.
  2. Develop work schedules, delegate work assignments, and supervise all Range Safety Staff, and Front Desk/Scheduling Specialists.
  3. Responsible for the supervision, training, scheduling, work delegation, discipline and evaluation in areas of assignment of all Range Safety Staff, and Front Desk/Scheduling Specialists.
  4. Plan and coordinate safety training sessions and educational and technical training for HERO Center personnel.
  5. Provide direction for the scheduling of the HERO Center
  6. Fosters an inclusive work culture and advances the City's diversity, equity and inclusion goals.
  1. Record keeping of expenses, equipment maintenance, material application and inventory.
  2. Directs or meets with clients following initial contact, facility tours, follows through regarding all planning and carrying out of actual event.
  3. Direct the maintenance of the HERO Center, entrance roads and parking lots.
  4. Develop and implement maintenance management plan.
  5. Responsible for the purchase of new equipment and repair of existing equipment as outlined in the Joint Powers Agreement.
  6. Develop and implement an operations manual, and policies and procedures manual.
  7. Provide and coordinate public relations services and input for community events at the HERO Center
  1. Develop promotional and informational literature on public safety training opportunities in coordination with communication staff.
  2. Maintain an informative and up to date web site designed to offer a cost effective and quick resource for existing and potential customers.
  3. Represent the City in interactions with community groups, organizations and agencies to promote the use of the HERO Center, create awareness of related opportunities and enhance the positive public perception of the HERO Center.
  4. Communicate with local news media to promote the training opportunities available to the public.
  5. Share information, resources and services with others divisions and departments of the City.
  6. Assists with creating promotional material, displays or presentations to promote the HERO Center.
  7. Develops and initiates new sales by acquiring leads, establishing contacts and relationships, and making outside calls and presentations.
  8. Maintain an appropriate level of community public affairs involvement.
  9. Responsible for coordinated marketing plan in coordination with communication staff.
HERO Center
Cottage Grove Minnesota
$73,718 - $92,148 plus full benefit package including medical and dental insurance,m PTO, life insurance, PERA pension and others.
Minimum Requirements


  1. Bachelor's degree in public administration, public safety, business administration, maintenance or related field from an accredited university.
  2. Valid driver's license.
  3. Considerable knowledge of computers and Microsoft Office Suite.
  1. Three or more years of supervisory experience.
  2. Experience in administering and/or coordinating programs and activities.
  3. Experience in public relations and/or event planning.
  4. Experience preparing and managing budgets, preparing financial reports and detailed record keeping.
  5. Experience with implementing and complying with OSHA regulations and safety rules.
  6. Experience and/or training in marketing.
  7. In depth knowledge of all aspects of public safety training.
  8. In depth knowledge of all aspects of firearms range facility management.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Be able to read and understand correspondence, memoranda and materials. 
  2. Effectively represent the organization, department, and administrative operations to management and the public. 
  3. Must facilitate effective presentations at public meetings. 
  4. Demonstrated effective written and oral communication skills.
  5. Must act in a decisive manner, using good judgment.  Must be able to assess problems and situations, and be able to anticipate needs and evaluate alternatives. 
  6. Must accept criticism and/or discipline; must have tact and diplomacy; must be fair and unbiased; must strive to promote a cooperative atmosphere in the department; must have positive attitude. 
  7. Must make accurate arithmetic computations and prepare and analyze complex financial reports.
  8. Skill in the use and care of calculator, personal computers, printers, and other office equipment, and working knowledge of computer software.
  9. Must be able to effectively supervise staff. 
  10. Must have commitment to the organization; willingness to take initiative; dependability; maturity in relationships with others; and self-confidence. 
  11. Must represent the organization to other agencies, staff, and citizens with a courteous, helpful, accurate and business-like attitude in all telephone and personal contact. 
  12. Must work effectively and respectfully with department heads, elected officials, staff, and other agencies.  Must work as a team member.
  13. Must be able to produce quality, accurate work.  Must be able to utilize work time properly and productively.  Must handle detail, meet deadlines and follow through in the completion of projects.
  14. Must have sound working knowledge of position principles, procedures, techniques, and equipment. Must be able to formulate, initiate and administer policies and procedures.
  15. Must utilize computer technology in a windows environment. 
  16. Operate a motor vehicle and have a valid Driver's License.
  17. Strong organizational skills and the ability to accurately record documents, publications and various records for official purposes. 
  18. Must perform, research, assemble information and prepare reports and studies.
  19. Must work effectively under pressure and to competently handle a number of different tasks in a single period of time.
  20. Must plan and perform duties with only general minimum supervision.
  21. Must be able to perform all essential position functions under the working conditions as described.
  22. Must be able to be flexible in schedule and work evenings and weekends as required. 
  23. Must communicate effectively with a diverse clientele population and employment staff.
  24. Must establish and implement procedures for analyzing business data and implementing positive changes to adapt to needs and trends that will make the business as financially responsible to the City as possible.
  25. Must establish and maintain effective working relationships with elected officials, City employees and the public.

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