Training Specialist - Nevada POST

Duties: Includes but not limited to the following: Supervise basic law enforcement cadets during a
Category I/II/III residential academy, develop and evaluate leadership, command presence, officer
safety, ethical and legal decision making under stress and physical fitness, develop and schedule
instruction and instructors for the basic course, supervise and evaluate instructors for content and
performance, coordinate and schedule. Train and evaluate performance in reality-based training
scenarios and physical training. Direct and participate in physical training several times a week.
Research and make recommendations regarding current and potential trends related to law
enforcement training, curriculum, and needs. This position is a training officer, often referred to as a
TAC Officer, in a disciplined and structured basic academy program.
Qualifications: Prior successful employment as a full-time peace officer equivalent to a Nevada
Category I officer. Nevada officers with an active POST Basic Certificate will maintain their
certificate and it will not expire while working for POST. Applicants must have excellent
organizational skills, demonstrate leadership, and possess knowledge of the latest versions of MS
Word, Excel and the internet. The ideal candidate would have a bachelor’s degree in a criminal justice
related field, with a strong background and knowledge of uniformed policing methods and standards.
The successful applicant must have an in-depth understanding and experience of adult learning theory
and principles in a disciplined environment. Applicants should have experience teaching law
enforcement related subjects. Candidates should embrace a disciplined basic academy environment
and understand the importance of leadership, command presence, officer safety, ethical behavior, and
physical fitness. A combination of experience, training and education may be used in lieu of above
that demonstrate the necessary qualifications. Persons offered employment in this position must
submit to a pre-employment background check.

Physical demands: This position requires the applicant to participate in and instruct physical fitness
sessions. Applicants will be administered the POST Physical Fitness Test (PPFT) for category I peace
officers as part of the interview process. The standards for the PPFT are:
1 – Vertical Jump of not less than 14 inches
2 – Agility Run in not more than 19.5 seconds
3 – 30 sit-ups in one minute
4 – 23 push-ups, no time limit
5 – 300 meter sprint in not more than 68 seconds
6 – 1.5 mile run in not more than 16 minutes 57 seconds
Position status: Exempt (FLSA); unclassified position entitled to standard State benefits; serves at the
will of the Executive Director, POST. Employment is contingent on successfully passing a background
check. This position announcement lists the major duties and requirements of the job and is not allinclusive.
The incumbent may be expected to perform additional job related duties and may be
required to have or develop additional specific job related knowledge and skills.
Working Environment: Working at POST offers a relaxed working environment located on the
beautiful campus-like surroundings of the Stewart facility; which formerly housed the Stewart Indian
School. POST is a forward thinking organization that embraces the latest in technology to aid in
delivering training excellence. POST has adopted a 4 day, 10 hr/day schedule, although during
academies, some weeks will revert back to a 5 day, 8 hr/day schedule. The position is based in Carson
City, Nevada, the state capital. Nevada has a relatively low cost of living including no state income

Nevada Commissioon on Peace Officer Standards & Training
Carson City, Nevada
PERS Employee/Employer Paid: $36.12 - $38.02

Resumes may be mailed, faxed or emailed to the attention of:

Amanda Socha, Executive Assistant
5587 Wa Pai Shone Avenue
Carson City, Nevada 89701
FAX: 775 687-4911

Response Deadline: Until Filled

Amanda Socha, Executive Assistant