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Below 100 is a law enforcement officer safety program that focuses on the reduction of the number of law enforcement related deaths to below 100 per year; a number that has not been reached since 1943.


Below 100 has a vision “to permanently eliminate line of duty deaths and injuries through innovative training and awareness” and a mission “to influence law enforcement culture by providing innovative training and awareness, through presentations, social media, and webinars on identifying the leading causes and current trends in preventable line of duty death and injuries.”


The focus of this effort is to address line-of-duty deaths which are a direct result of motor vehicle crashes using the Below 100 program’s five tenets:

1. Wear your seatbelt

2. Watch your speed

3. Wear your vest

4. WIN: What’s Important Now

5. Complacency kills.


IADLEST has been awarded a project by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The project provides free training and technical assistance for law enforcement agencies throughout the nation implementing the Below 100 Training Program. The project includes:


  • Below 100 Intensive classes: The 4-hour Intensive classes will instruct personnel on the program’s 5 tenets to assist in the decrease of traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities in the line of duty.


  • Below 100 Train-the-Trainer classes (presented back-to-back with the Intensive classes): The 4-hour Train-the-Trainer classes will provide trainers with the proper resources, outreach and education materials and skills training necessary for law enforcement jurisdictions to begin implementing the program tenets within their agency.


  • Below 100 Best Practices Symposiums: The 1.5-day event provides specific information regarding the role of police management in implementing a culture of safety and best practices based on Below 100 principles.


  • Below 100 Conference Presentations: IADLEST will provide Below 100 subject matter experts to address attendees and/or have exhibition space at conferences of organizations with significant law enforcement or highway safety office involvement.


  • Below 100 Technical Assistance: IADLEST will implement technical assistance visits to agencies upon request of the executive to assist the agency to implement a culture of safety and best practices based on Below 100 principles.


To request training classes or technical assistance under this project, please contact Mark Damitio, IADLEST Accreditation and Grants Manager at or (316) 640-6513.

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