Building Analytical Capacity

The "Building Analytical Capacity" two-day workshop seeks to assist top commanders in identifying how to support actionable analysis within their own departments and use that analysis to drive operations. Workshop attendees are provided with the very comprehensive guidebook on "Building a Model Crime Analysis Capacity: 50 Steps for Law Enforcement Professionals." The instructors guide the executives through the development of a customized plan to establish or enhance analysis within their own departments.

Department CEOs are encouraged to attend the workshop with agency teams consisting of the commander as well as supervisors and analysts so that they can work together to develop a plan that addresses specific challenges within their own departments and also determines how to best address local crime issues and make the most of available resources. Prior to the workshop, attendees are asked to complete an "agency inventory worksheet" detailing the department's technology and analysis capabilities so that the workshop can be best customized to address needs and challenges.

The workshop is free and free follow-up technical assistance is available to all participating agencies.

The one-day agency-specific and two-day regional workshops have been updated and re-branded as the “Building Analytical Capacity Workshop”.  The workshop can be delivered through the COPS/IACP CRI-TAC program.  To learn more about requesting a workshop or other direct technical assistance relating to improving your crime analysis capacity, please contact Pam Cammarata at or you can reach our office at 208-288-5491.

BJA Crime Analysis On Demand Resources


This free, intensive two-day workshop is intended to support Chiefs, Sheriffs and other police executives in the development, utilization and enhancement of crime and public safety analysis intended to drive departmental operations.

Each participating agency is asked to attend as agency teams including CEO/commander, supervisor, analyst (if available) and prosecutor representatives. The training is intended to build capacity and improve communication among ranks and disciplines, specific to the creation and utilization of actionable analysis leading to reductions in crimes, crashes and other social harms and the effective and efficient use of patrol, investigative and other available resources.

Topics Covered

  • CAD and RMS Data Access
  • Data Quality
  • Database Management
  • Tactical Analysis
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Administrative Analysis
  • Analysis-Driven Operations
  • Investigative Analysis
  • Effective Resource Deployment
  • GIS and Spatial Analysis/Hot Spots
  • Evaluation
  • Effective Commander/Analyst Communication
  • Compstat