Blue Courage

Blue Courage

To illuminate a path forward so that we ignite transformation.
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"If Blue Courage was adopted by law-enforcement agencies worldwide, we would have less burnout; less escalation of force; and greater respect for the professionals that serve our communities. It is not the total solution, but it is close.” Charles Ramsey, former Philadelphia Commissioner of Police, co-chair of the Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

A transformational process that focuses on human development, Blue Courage® excels in developing personal effectiveness in areas including leadership, the nobility of policing, respect, resilience, health and wellness, positive psychology, mission and purpose, diversity and inclusion, and team building.

Through keynote presentations, workshops, and train-the-trainer certifications, Blue Courage, LLC offers a variety of real world, applicable and cutting edge learning that will enhance personal and organizational performance. Our flagship course, Blue Courage®: The Heart and Mind of
the Guardian, enhances the effectiveness of policing/corrections professionals at all levels of the organization.

Blue Courage® educates and inspires participants through dynamic and impactful presentation and teaching methods. Our master instructors are certified to teach a wide range of courses, including HeartMath Institute’s Resilience Advantage and Simon Sinek’s Start With Why courses. All courses and presentations are customizable and engages all levels of the organization to enhance their capacity to serve. Whether in law enforcement, corrections/detention, non-sworn roles, or community leadership, Blue Courage® will illuminate a path forward for you to elevate your heart-set and mind-set, strengthen relationships/trust, and effectively enhance the world around you!


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