Caught on Camera


This video will give police and correctional officers a better understanding of the capabilities and limitations of closed circuit TV surveillance systems.  It will allow them to do a better job of obtaining video evidence and it will help them advise business owners on how to best use their camera systems.

Content Summary

FBI Special Agent Renee Walker narrates the 20-minute program, which is based on a realistic case scenario featuring the do's and dont's of CCTV setup. Topics include general setup, resolution, cameras and camera placement, best collection methods of the recorded footage for law enforcement, native/proprietary file format, retrieval methods, and much more.

Instructional Methodologies

The video contains exciting footage that captivates the audience while providing guidance to install CCTV to obtain the best possible recorded footage.

Target Audience

  • Primary: Law Enforcement Officers
  • Secondary: Business owners and home owners

FBI: Caught on Camera