Commercial Vehicles

Large Truck and Motorcoach Traffic Enforcement

18-Wheels & BUSted

This training is intended for deputies, police officers and troopers who are not commercial vehicle specialists. It is intended to raise awareness of the serious need to enforce traffic laws when violations are committed by drivers of trucks and buses and provides helpful tips on making such traffic stops safely. The presentation consists of a 12-minute video suitable for classroom or roll-call and additional supporting documents.

The supporting documents are:

  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Awareness Program: Foreign-based Vehicle Contacts
    (This includes a Facilitator Guide and a Participant Guide.)
  • CDL Prosecutor's Guide
  • IACP Guide to Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
  • CDL Endorsements and Vehicle Configurations


18-Wheels & BUSted

Heavey Truck & Bus Enforcement Heavy Truck and Bus Enforcement

The Baltimore County Police Department and the Community College of Baltimore County working under a grant from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have produced a pair of videos treating traffic enforcement for heavy trucks and buses. These videos are a useful corollary to the "18-Wheels and BUSted" training materials posted above.

The first video, "Pull 'em Over" runs 15 minutes and encourages officers to make the traffic stop when a big rig commits a violation. The second video runs 7:47 minutes and deals with adjudication. The target audience for this video is primarily judges and prosecutors.

Both videos are available online at the following links, or DVD copies can be requested (while supplies last) by contacting Sgt. Joseph Donohue of the Baltimore County Police Department at

Pull 'em Over CDL Enforcement: The Full Circle

Fraudlent Commercial Driver's Licenses Fraudulent Commercial Driver's Licenses

IACP Training on Fraudulent CDL's

Commercial Motor Vehicle Awareness Course Commercial Motor Vehicle Awareness Course

A collection of three modules offering training from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on CMV Awareness, Vehicle Markings and Commercial Drivers Licences.

Commerical Motor Vehical (CMV) Awareness Course