Analytical Assistance and Support


No-Cost Support Designed to Meet Your Needs


In the continuing effort to assist law enforcement agencies to build and/or advance their analytical capacity, the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST), in conjunction with Texas Department of Transportation, is pleased to announce the availability of free analytical assistance and support for law enforcement across Texas.

IADLEST is offering the assistance of its cadre of Analytical Specialists who possess decades of experience in the crime analysis field and who have worked with and trained dozens of analysts and assisted numerous law enforcement agencies throughout Texas and the rest of the country.
Although, the assistance and, if needed, training provided will vary depending upon an analyst’s or agency’s specific needs, some examples of what is being offered are:

    • Develop specific routine queries designed to save time
    • Assist with developing specific crash and crime mapping products
    • Assist with specific types of analysis, e.g. crash causation factors, temporal crime trends
    • Identifying methods to improve data quality and collection

Assist with identifying long term crash and crime “Hot Spots” that would benefit from a focused strategy.

To take advantage of this free opportunity or for more information please contact Project Manager Daniel A. Howard at: