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Resources:  Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS)


Various Documents and Information on the DDACTS Model

NHTSA - DDACTS Operational Guidelines Manual


Ongoing Online Training Program:


 Multi-part Online Analytical Training Series

This free training series is designed for new and seasoned analysts to learn the key primary skills needed to practice effective and efficient analytical processes. This series explores the benefits of data-driven strategies, the process of connecting databases and analyzing in Microsoft Access®, applying statistical significance techniques in Microsoft Excel®, and developing key mapping and analytical skills in ArcGIS. This training is part of TxDOT’s effort for a state-wide implementation of the Nationally Recognized Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS). The course are Nationally certified through the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) and participants who successfully complete ALL 13 parts can  earns a Certified DDACTS Analyst certification and course credit from the partnering agency, International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA).

The training series can be found on the First Forward web page by going to First Forward and searching "Market Place" for all trainings or go directly to: 

Part One: Data Driven Strategy Basics

Part Two:  DDACTS in Action

Part Three:  Connectivity Why Do I Need It?

Part Four: Helpful Queries, Reports, Macros Part Five: Creating Master Tables Part Six: Data Quality and Cleaning Tips
Part Seven:  Making Analytics Easier with Expressions Part Eight:  How to Identify Top Locations, Offenders, and More Part Nine: How to Create Rocking Reports and Automation Processes
Part Ten:  Z-Score and Statistical Significance Made Easy (Excel) Part Eleven:  Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for DDACTS Part Twelve:  Dots on the Map: Plotting and Querying Crash and Crime Data from a Variety of Data Sources
Part Thirteen:  Hot Spot Identification and Analysis    


For a copy of the Training Reference Manual for the Parts 1 -10 go to:

  Training Reference Manual (17.5MB)



BJA Building Analytical Capacity: Crime and Crash Analysis Webinar Recordings

View recordings of twenty webinars produced by IADLEST in cooperation with the Bureau of Justice Assistance covering all aspects of data analysis.  Find out how it can help your department significantly reduce the number of traffic crashes and crime incidents in your area.

Building Analytical Capacity


Upcoming Scheduled Classroom Training:



Analytical Training Workshops:   AACOG in San Antonio, Texas


Level II (Intermediate)



January 14-15, 2020

Level I (Basic)


January 16-17, 2020


Completed Classroom Training:



Microsoft Access for Data-Driven Strategies workshops:  Austin, Texas



PART 1: Prepping Data

December 10, 2019

PART 2: Analyzing Data December 11, 2019 Registration
PART 3: Reporting & Automating Processes December 12, 2019 Registration

Data Analysis Training: In Person and On-Line Training Sessions


The International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) is conducting a series of FREE Level I (basic), Level II (intermediate) and Level III (Advanced) 2-day in-person training workshops and a multi-part live interactive 1-hour online analytical training sessions on Microsoft Access© and GIS intended for law enforcement personnel assigned to the analytical function in their agency.


The goal of the training is for agencies to learn how to best utilize their data while developing an operational plan that includes effective positive law enforcement contacts and high visibility enforcement strategies.



Analytical Training Workshop:  Houston, Texas



Data Analysis Using Microsoft Access

Houston, Texas

April 22 - 23, 2019


Microsoft Access for Data-Driven Strategies workshops:  Austin, Texas



PART 1: Prepping Data

September 23, 2019

PART 2: Analyzing Data September 24, 2019
PART 3: Reporting & Automating Processes September 25, 2019




Analytical Training Workshops:   AACOG in San Antonio, Texas


Level I (Basic)



May 30 - 31, 2019

Level II (Intermediate)


June 17 - 18, 2019 

Level III (Advanced) June 19, 2019



Law Enforcement Executive Workshop:   AACOG in San Antonio, Texas


A FREE workshop for law enforcement executives, commanders, and/or supervisors on building a first-rate crime and crash analysis capability, whether just getting started or making adjustments to an existing program.


Building Analytic Capabilities

June 20, 2019


Analytical Training Workshop:  El Paso, Texas



Analytical Workshop Level I and Level II

June 25 - 27, 2019


Multi-Part Webinar series.

A series of nationally certified 60 to 90-minute training programs are being conducted between November 2017 and May 2018. This certification will allow participants to seek CEU credit hours from their respective Police Officer Standards and Training (POST).


The Webinar Recordings are accessible for review purposes only and can be found at the below links:



Data Analysis Using Microsoft Access series: GIS: Mapping and Hot Spot Identification series:

For additional analytical training resources, please go to the previously recorded Multi-faceted Crime Analysis Webinar Series

Various Analytical Training Webinar Recordings