Texas Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS)


In keeping with the goal of Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to increase the safety of motorists it is pursuing a state-wide implementation of the nationally recognized policing model known as Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS). This project seeks to do just that and since it started has involved IADLEST working with law enforcement agencies ranging in size from 15 members to 2,000 from all across the state. The project is a multi-faceted with three separate components:


 1)   Agency strategic planning workshops, on-site and remote technical assistance:

This component involves IADLEST working one on one with law enforcement agencies, conducting 8-hour agency specific strategic DDACTS planning workshops and providing 8-hours of focused technical/analytical assistance. Once completed, continued remote technical/analytical support is provided to each of the agencies, which is all designed to help the department overcome any obstacles that may impede a successful implementation of the DDACTS model.


2)   Provide free analytical training courses and workshops;

The second component involves IADLEST providing both in-person and web-based analytical training sessions in a variety of aspects of data analysis intended for law enforcement personnel assigned to the analytical function in their agency. The goal of the training is for agencies to learn how to best utilize their data while developing an operational plan that includes effective positive law enforcement contacts and high visibility enforcement strategies. 

For more information go to the Texas - DDACTS Training Schedule and Resources page.


3)   Train a cadre of in state subject matter experts:

The third and last component is developing, training and maintaining a cadre of in-state DDACTS subject matter experts. This cadre of SMEs, representing a variety of different agencies, which allows for the most Texas centric approach possible as they assist other agencies throughout Texas looking to move towards implementing the DDACTS model in their community. 


The efforts on this program over the last three years have resulted in IADLEST working with more than 450 law enforcement personnel representing 60+ agencies throughout Texas. Another 110 members responsible for the analytical function in their agency attended one of several 16-hour in-person analytical workshops conducted in the state.

With the fourth consecutive year underway, not only will IADLEST continue to work with agencies around the Texas in FY 2019, but it will increase the size and scope of the project so it will include more local and county law enforcement agencies as well as providing remote technical/analytical assistance to any of the 60+ previous agencies who are in need of some assistance.  Further, IADLEST will continue to help build the analytical capacities of agencies around the state through a series of free trainings to include: a 13-part on line training series on Data Analysis and GIS and Mapping; and free 2-day in-person Analytical Training Workshops.

DDACTS Works!  See what your collegues have to say about the training and how the DDACTS system has worked for them:  DDACTS Works!

 Any Texas law enforcement agency wishing to participate in this project or to obtain more information please feel free to contact the Texas- DDACTS Project Manager, Daniel A. Howard at danhoward@iadlest.org.